Citing Telephone Numbers in a Resume and Cover Letter

An optional format for citing telephone and fax numbers in a resume or cover letter uses periods to separate the elements of the number. Because these elements resemble the dots in e-mail addresses, and because it's easy to key, this style may grow in popularity.

Example: 208.555.6224

NOTE: If you use this style, make sure the number can be clearly recognized as a phone number and will not be confused in context.

Use Hyphens in Phone and Fax Numbers in Electronic Documents (Resumes, Cover Letters, etc.)

Because electronic documents may not always break at the same line-ending points at the receiving end of an electronic message, use hyphens to separate the elements of the number. Hyphens denote that the elements clearly go together and that the element is not yet complete. A period denotes the end of an element, and when used in phone or fax numbers, the first or second period is not the end of the number.

Example: 208-555-6224