Self Assessment

These sites provide access to career self-assessment information and online self-assessment tools designed to help users determine appropriate career fields that best match interests, personality traits, and values.

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Interest Surveys

The Career Key:
A free interest survey to help make career decisions developed by Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D., North Carolina State University.

The Princeton Review Career Quiz:
This shortened version of the Birkman Method Career Profile is a quick way to obtain general career suggestions. Users need to be completely honest in answers to obtain valid results.

My Future Quiz:
Click on and complete Career Toolbox's "Work Interest Quiz." Lists two of six work types that best fit results and defines typical related occupations.

Personality Type Surveys

Discover Your Type Quiz:
A mini-Myers Briggs Type Indicator quiz--surprisingly accurate for being so abbreviated.

Ansir's 3 Sides of You Self-Perception Profiling System:
This online test assesses your dominant personality styles in three realms: thinking, working, and emoting. Comprehensive results, well regarded, and free!

Other Useful Links

AT&T Resource Centers:
See the Career Assessment page.
This Career Choices page provides links to several useful career planning and exploration resources.

*Fee-Based Surveys
The following online interest surveys charge a fee to provide results:
*NOTE: South-Western/Thomson Learning has no affiliation with the following surveys and makes no guarantee regarding the effectiveness of the products.

Self-Directed Search:
A career-interest inventory developed by Dr. John Holland and sponsored by Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. Takes about 15-20 minutes online. Well-known and popular among career counselors.

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey:
This comprehensive career assessment tool takes approximately 45 minutes online, so use a reliable Internet connection.