The Top 45 Must-Know Lessons For Top Achievers

by Dr. Kituku, International Author and Speaker

1. What you do for yourself can get you by. What you do for others is what will get you ahead; whether in your profession, spiritual pursuits or relationships.
2. Be yourself, otherwise others will dictate what they want you to be.
3. Remove bitterness from your heart. It steals your present and future. It kills your body, mind and soul. It stifles your creativity.
4. Honor and respect dad and mom. Forgive them for mistakes they might have made while raising you. It was their first time to raise you.
5. Choose friends wisely. Like elevator buttons, they will either take you up or down.
6. Graduate, but don't let your dreams graduate.
7. Learn to behave as if you know what you are doing, but then know what you are doing.
8. Choose to be happy by simplifying your life. Cry, but not forever, when bad things happen.
9. Learn to live from within, finding hope and laughter in time of tears.
10. Be flexible without compromising your faith or values.
11. Take risks to grow personally and professionally.
12. Always know that you are the CEO of all you do.
13. Count your riches not by things you can see and/or touch, but the feeling in your heart.
14. Be true to your conscience.
15. Know where other people stand in relation to your personal endeavors.
16. The best gift you can give to people younger than you is being a good example.
17. Let your spouse and children know that they are your best friends by the way you treat them.
18. If your loved ones can't say Amen to your testimony, it will be hard for you to export it.
19. Know you are not exempt from life tribulations that all others go through. Live one day at a time.
20. To start any project, the first step is to convince your mind that you are capable.
21. Be working on something good at all times. You can't be unhappy when doing something good.
22. Forget job description. Do what needs to be done to get the job done in an exceptional manner.
23. Ask, ask, and ask questions.
24. Never think you work for someone else. Do what you would if the success of the project depended entirely on you.
25. Learning to learn is the skill that will keep you doing what you enjoy most.
26. Assume every person you talk with is the one who will tell the whole world about you.
27. Self-initiative will propel you above any competition.
28. Climb career and social ladders cautiously while holding tight family ties.
29. Know wrong is wrong even if everyone else says otherwise.
30. Saving for the future is hard. Your future depends on the sacrifice you make today.
31. What you get will help you make a living. What you give to the needy will give you life.
32. Hard work beats underused talents all the time.
33. Rekindle the hope of elders by applying the life lessons you learned from them in your life.
34. Heal yourself by helping others heal from their hurts.
35. Never underestimate the power of praying.
36. The absence of material resources should never stop you from trying to live up to your potential.
37. Setbacks can be the setups for a better future.
38. Treat people the way you would want to be treated if you were in their situation.
39. Learn about other cultures and about the lives of those who are different from you.
40. Use natural resources wisely. They are not as renewable as they seem to be.
41. Life is not a rehearsal. Unlike sports, you can't proof what you learned in practice later.
42. Sorrow will keep you focused on the past. Worry focuses around the present. Faith, action and determination focuses and builds the future.
43. As a girl, love and marry a boy who respects and honors his mother. Chances are good that he will respect and honor you. As a boy, love and marry a girl who respects and honors her father. Chances are good that she will respect and honor you.
44. The best revenge is to do what your critics said you couldn't.
45. Live in a manner that others will be sorry when you are not there.

© By Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, Author, Speaker and Seminar Leader
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