"The chapter on preparing a winning resume is right on target in today's corporate environment! This text is MUST reading for anyone serious about furthering their career."

Nikki Cook, Supervisor
Hewlett Packard Company

"We are currently using Your Career: How to Make It Happen and have for two years. We reviewed 10 different books over the past year but have not found a better text for our graduates than the Levitt book. It works! I really believe in this book."

Kevin LaMountain
Dean of Career and Student Services
DeVry University - Phoenix

"As a former Personnel Recruiter for a Fortune 500 company, I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a challenging, well-compensated career. I only wish this book had been on the market when I was looking for a career!"

Darryl Wright
Leadership & Employee Development
Corporate Training & Education
Micron Technology, Inc.

"A technological revolution is changing the way we engineer careers and look for employment. Your Career: How to Make It Happen doesn't just look ahead to the 21st Century--it is the 21st Century! Cyberspace job search techniques, preparation of winning career search documents, Internet exercises, and career success strategies create new windows of opportunity for students to reach full career potential."

Linda Welther
Associate Dean
ITT Technical Institute

"I highly recommend this book. It's the best available on the topic of job search and career management. My students thrive using the text. For example, I've seen the positive effect of Chapter 1 on personal motivation. After completing the chapter activities, students who had been lacking in personal esteem and drive demonstrate a great improvement in self-assuredness, class participation, and performance. You can see a noticeable transformation."

Chriss Carlson
Education America

"Attitude is everything! The first chapter, 'Reach Your Full Career Potential,' focuses on personal motivation and proactive skills. It's like a pep talk that prepares readers mentally for successful career development. The remaining chapters guide readers clearly and accurately through all phases of career planning, job search, and job success. I recommend this book highly-it's a great tool!"

Jenny Nordin
Employment Consultant
Boise Job Service